Giving Hope a Home in the Intermountain West

Salt Lake City Entrance

Salt Lake City sits at the crossroads of the Intermountain West. The Hope Lodge will be conveniently located for patients who come from all parts of Utah and from surrounding states for treatment at any one of its premiere cancer treatment centers.


Each bedroom suite includes two beds with a small separate area for the caregiver to read, work or watch TV while the patient is resting.

Healing Gardens

Guests may enjoy times of solitude in the garden to enjoy the calming touch of nature, or they may share a walk with friends or family. The restorative elements of nature are important in the healing process.

Kitchen and Dining

The kitchen is the heart of the home and it is designed to be a place where individual meals are prepared, allowing caregivers and patients to reflect on the day and offer support to one another.

Common Areas

The south-facing patio on the roof balcony offers patients and caregivers the chance to be outside to soak in the sunshine, read, or reflect while taking pleasure in a beautiful view of Mt. Olympus.